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Talent management

ESKA® Talent Manager helps companies in monitoring and managing the evaluation and appraisals of their employees. The system provides easy and flexible ways to define appraisal details and maintains full history of employees’ appraisals for future reference.

Understand your employees’ progress

This is what our HR in the Cloud can do for you

Easily traceable

ESKA HR documents all your employee records in detail, making it so much easier to track your employees and their developments.

Complete convenience

All your employees’ data and analytics are available through one platform, helping to simplify reporting and understanding trainings needed.

Organized structure

All data are placed in a structured and coordinated manner to help with any appraisal purposes, categorised based on hierarchal sections and topics.

Everything digitalized

Track, monitor and analyse your talent management processes with the ESKA HR. Easily evaluate your employees’ skills!

Accessible anywhere

Having it all in the Cloud, you can easily access all HR database and talent competency records anytime anywhere.

Save cost

A system on the Cloud will reduce any cost needed for HR documentation and filing. Save money and energy at the same time!

Talent management no longer needs to be a hassle

Defining appraisals and employees’ skills

Thanks to clear documentation and information, setting any training courses or assessments is no longer an issue. You can simply track your employees and their skills to provide the ideal knowledge required.

Keep things organized

You can now schedule all your training and courses, as well as view all appraisal details and forms all in one system. View and gain full access of all your appraisals and training, keeping things in check all the time!

Evaluation for all employees

Now you can easily evaluate your employees’ skills through a simple and efficient process. This also includes measuring current objectives and setting new objectives for the next period.

Creating the right skills sets

Make talent management much easier by setting a record of skills set needed by your company and matching the right competency with the right training or roles and promotions for your employees. Make appraisals that simple.

Setting objectives and goals

View any objectives and measurable made in order to track your employees’ performance and assign any appraisal benefits. Things can be made much simpler with ESKA HR. Set your goals to define any standards for the next period.

Why stop there?

ESKA HR integrates with all elements of a company. ESKA HR combined with other ESKA systems will create a powerful tool that will cater towards all elements of the company. Expand your business and digitalize your workflow.

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