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ESKA® Recruitment helps companies in managing and monitoring the stages of the recruitment process effectively. Reducing time needed to recruit employees, it creates a convenient process for recruitment.

Turning recruitment into a simple and smooth process

This is what our HCM in the Cloud can do for you

Electronic workflow

Electronically update new vacancies and job descriptions available through an automated system.

Flexible accessibility

Update and change up your vacancies and job titles and descriptions through one simple and convenient system in the cloud.

Easily searchable

Create a searchable platform that allows the convenience of finding the right candidate and employees, as well as their current job descriptions.

Time efficient

Creates a simple and fast process that makes recruitment so much easier and less time consuming.

Simplify resources

Reduce the amount of resources and energy needed for recruitment. From manual system filing to manually scheduling any tests and interviews.

Conveniently grouped

Have all your employees and vacancies database in one system, easily accessible for all HR personnel.

Avoid tedious recruitment processes with some help from the cloud

Track, manage and specify any job vacancies and experiences required!

That’s right, manage any recruiting process through one convenient system. Allowing you to manage and look for any potential employee records and the specifications of any positions required in the company.

No more worries about additional information

You can now easily input any additional information needed about an employee or potential employee despite having inserted the information already. Update or amend your database with this flexible process.

Have things ready in schedule!

Get all your interviews and assessment tests ready in an organized and structured schedule. ESKA HR simplifies all forms of assessment processes that are needed in screening any new candidates.

Receive test results right away!

Obtain exam results right away through online exams. ESKA HR helps make any candidate’s screening process so much simpler and direct. Electronically maintain all results and candidate records.

Conversion made easy

Recruitment just got that much easier with the ability to convert a candidate’s information into an employee. Just instantly update your employee’s status and do not waste time taking ages for the simple things.

Integrating the whole HR process

ESKA HR integrates with all elements of a company. Do not only focus on recruitment when you can connect to other sectors in the company, thus making all aspects of your company much more effective.

Recruitment is only a few simple steps!

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