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ESKA® Personnel helps companies achieve workforce optimisation by providing a tool to manage human capital efficiently. It records and tracks employee profile, qualifications, insurance details, contracts, position and grade levels, promotions, training and a wide eclectic range of documents.

Managing your employees has never been easier

This is what HCM in the Cloud can do for you

Flexible workflow

Providing an easy and simple way for any administration work and employee documentation through multiple devices.

Paperless operations

Full storage in the Cloud reduces any wastage and cost, thus increasing efficiency for your company.

Easily upgraded

Create a flexible workflow for a company’s HR system, allowing simple updates and edits for the most accurate data.

Full documentation

A complete storage of employee documentation all in one sharable space, providing an easily accessible and complete database

Auto maintenance

Provide automatic maintenance for the most updated security management.

Low cost

Reduces the cost needed for any additional HR implementation.

Reduces the cost needed for any additional HR implementation

Your employees’ records all in one system

Why stick to the traditional method of storing documents when you can have it in one automated system. Simplifying the process of documenting employees, your company can now stay more efficient and effective.

Any documents at the tip of your finger

Have a full storage of contracts and documents available at any time. Fully stored and categorized based on contract and documents type and a notifications system for expiration periods.

Defining your employee’s position with utmost ease

Easily track your employees and their positions, whether past or present. Have a full Cloudsystem to support any searches relevant to your employees’ position, structured in a hierarchal form for simplicity in viewing.

Insurance packages without the hassles

Now you no longer need to panic about preparing your employee’s medical packages. ESKA HR defines the number of insurance companies with the provided insurance packages, based on your employees’ needs.

Promotions are no longer an issue

Providing your company with a comprehensive grading system to help with any classifications and promotions. Make life easier with a company grading system and keep track of all your employees.

Integrating HR with all aspects of the company

Why only stop with one department? ESKA HR is made to integrate with all aspects of the company, from finance to project management, this HR system is ready to deliver on all levels.

Create an ideal employee administration flow

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