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Payroll management easy and simple


ESKA® Payroll handles all activities related to employee compensations, benefits and deductions such as taxes, insurance, social security, etc. The HR department need only to input employee wages and working hours, then the system performs the necessary calculations.

Managing your payroll has never been easier

This is what HR in the Cloud can do for you

Flexibility made easy

Provides a flexible work process that makes any distribution of payrolls, as well any deductions and allowances.

Calculation automation

Automatically calculate any allowances and deductions into an employee’s payroll system.

Speedy data

Quickly deliver and provide detailed payslips for all employees.

Hassle free

Create a thorough and simple management system that will reduce any stress and complications in calculations.


Limit the amount of cost needed for any HR administration cost with a speedy and automatic online workflow.

Security control

Provide automatic security management that is regularly updated for the latest safety convenience.

Optimize your pay completion with the Cloud

Accurate and automatic benefits calculation

Tired of calculating benefits only to find out you made an error? Sync both Payroll and Personnel to instantly calculate accurate and timely benefits, whether calculations of coverage, contributions and deductions from premiums, pensions and taxes.

Ensure that you are compliant

You can rest assured, ESKA HR internally maintains taxation and regulatory reporting, automatically providing the right procedures to meet your company’s regulations and any payment requirements.

Real-time Payroll

No more waiting, you can have a complete payroll statement to preview within seconds. You can easily review any salary calculations, as well as view any error logs that occurred during the calculations.

Instant pay slips

Gone are the days where producing detailed payslips for your employees took days. Instantly with a click of a button you can generate detailed pay slips for every employee in the organization.

Integration with other divisions

ESKA HR is here to connect with all your business processes, especially when dealing with finance! Integrating with ESKA Finance, ESKA HR can seamlessly send through any payroll transactions for an efficient and direct process.

Easily Manage your Payroll

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