Track any vacation and leaves like it’s nothing

Convenience in managing employees’ time-off

Leaves Management

ESKA® Leaves Manager helps companies effectively monitor and manage the vacation and leave balances and calculations for their employees.

Easily track your employee’s vacation balances

This is what HR in the Cloud can do for you

Full automation

Easily manage and monitor vacation, attendance and leaves balances in one automated system.

Cost efficiency

Reduce any expenses needed for a manual HR workflow.

Easily accessible

Provide flexible access to employees’ vacation and leaves balances, easily accessible in one Cloud.

Security encrypted

Host the highest standards of security for all documentation of employees.

Tracking convenience

Track all employees’ vacation, attendance and leaves from one convenient platform.

Simple searchability

Easily search for any employee’s records and track their current vacation and leaves balances.

Keep vacation and leaves management simple through the Cloud

Attendance, vacation and leaves balances in one convenient platform

Why make things complicated when you can handle all leaves and vacation balances from a simple and flexible system. All details and documentations are located in one platform that will allow you to track, edit and make necessary changes.

Detailed documentation without the paperwork

Keep a thorough recording of all your vacation and leaves, from vacation balances to a record of your employees’ attendance, keep things stored in an electronic system without the hassles of manual sorting.

Get things done for you without laying a finger

Automatically update any vacation and leaves balances based on previous documentation and records of your employees. Deduct or add employees’ balances, which will be calculated from the employee’s current and past status.

Stay on top of the holidays

No need to confuse yourself with all the holidays, track flexible holiday types with all the relevant dates documented in on system. Now you can track and manage your employees’ holidays easily.

Search, search, search

Simply search for any employee’s vacation days and days off through a simple search function. Track your employees’ attendance without any hassles by simply searching them up. Keep things easy!

Integration is always key

ESKA HR integrates with all elements of a company. Fulfil all company needs with the ESKA HR by connecting to different sectors, whether finance, healthcare or more, we are here to help complete the system.

Keep vacations and attendance on track

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