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A digitalized HR system


What is ESKA HR?

ESKA® HR is a Human Capital Management suite of software systems to automate the management of your employees. It functions as a comprehensive HR management suite that looks to effectively manage your company’s workforce, which will result in organizing the right people for the right job.


ESKA HR delivers a simpler form of HR

Automated system

ESKA HR delivers a simpler form of HR

Comprehensive like no other

Providing a complete system that can handle all your HR needs, with 25 HR tools ready to make your life a breeze.

No more paper

Presenting a paperless workflow, you can now reduce wastage and save cost without the hassles of manual system fillings.

Time efficient

Implementing a fully digitalized system, ESKA HR will help save any troubles of finishing tasks and reducing the time needed for it.

Accessible always

Creating constant accessibility with an online Cloud system. No matter what device, ESKA HR is available in the Cloud 24/7.

Making things easy!

Making all HR processes so much easier, we create a simple and powerful system that helps to achieve results faster.

Our Products

ESKA HR consists of a number of systems that complements the overall success of a company’s business process.


Matching employees with the right position like it’s nothing.


Keeping track of all employees without the miscommunications.


Managing all compensation with utmost ease.

Leaves Management

Tracking employees’ vacation and leaves with automatic and direct calculations.

Talent management

Retaining talent through one convenient system. Track, schedule and analyse employees’ skills.

Employee self-service

Allowing employees to view their status and position with thorough information and 24/7 access.

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A digital transformation for your business process

Managing human resources like it’s nothing!
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