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Employee self-service

ESKA® Employee Self-service Manager is a portal that provides the employees with access to their personal data on the company HR system. It shows the employees’ past salaries, social security data, vacation balance, appraisal, dependents, timesheet, disciplinary actions and letters and more.

Keep employees engaged with the right platform

This is what HR in the Cloud can do for you

Complete convenience

Have a full record of an employee’s database, visually designed to be user-friendly and easily readable.

Simple accessibility

Easily access your employee records by using a simple search function. Now you can access your employee status without third party complications.

Computerized system

Keep all your records in one electronic platform and no longer worry about wasted manual efforts.

Speedy process

View your employee files without taking ages with the ESKA HR. Easily find your records with the simplest of steps.


No more relying on filing cabinets when you can have everything on one system. You can now reduce cost of any manual HR processes.

Easier life for HR

With all employee records in one system, life has never been simpler for all HR processes; from amendments to tracking and more.

Employee self-management is even simpler with the Cloud

All about data visualisation

Our employee self-service makes life a much simpler process with clear data visualisations to represent any employee records and clearly understand all HR information. From past salaries to appraisals and more.

Employee information in no time

Access your employee information without any hassles, simply search your name and check out a complete documentation of an employee’s history, status, salary records and more. Worry no more about checking your employee status!

Tracking like its nothing

Tracking employees no longer needs to be difficult. You can now track your employee database and make any corrections by directly getting in touch with your HR personnel. Make everybody’s life much simpler!

Security is on point

Your employee record will be kept safe and sound without anybody being able to access it. ESKA HR makes sure that your employee information stays private and only accessible to those who have the right to.

Helping out with onboarding

ESKA HR will help you to create a greater onboarding system, implementing all the necessary but tedious tasks of onboarding, the self-service system can help to reduce the amount of hassles when welcoming a new employee.

Integration as a whole

ESKA HR integrates with all elements of a company. ESKA HR united with all your essential company processes; whether in finance, project management or more. Try out our integrations to make your work even easier

Employee self-service for employee convenience

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