What is ESKA HR ?

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ESKA HR is a comprehensive human capital management system brought to you by ESKADENIA, a leading software company based in Jordan with branches in Sweden and UAE. With over 25 tools for managing, retaining, tracking and more, it provides a complete employee optimization process for any company, all stored in the Cloud!

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We can bring you ease in one go, like...

Making your recruitment dreams come true

Providing a fully automated recruitment system that will cater towards your company’s needs.

Make administration that simple

We can help the administration part of your HR by providing full documentation of your employees, all through the cloud.

Tracking attendance without the paper work

You can now monitor and track all your employees’ vacation and leaves through one integrated system.

No more headaches with your payroll

Manage all employees’ payroll with an automated system that will calculate any vacation and leaves balances in place.

Self-management for all employees

Create a convenient platform for employees to look at their database in the form of visual aids.

An organized and simple way for retaining talent

Construct the best system for any training and appraisal methods. Keep a flexible and organized system to track appraisals and required training.

Our Services

We bring a number of services to enhance your user experience. Make HR digitization into a simple and convenient process with the help of our training and support services. Check out how we can help.

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Why the Cloud?

Enterprises are transforming. With greater demands on employees and employers, it’s time to increase efficiency and management with some help from the Cloud. Create a whole new system for your HR’s work process. Discover more about how the Cloud can help.

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